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Should your business be doing paid social media advertising? 


Paid social media advertising is a great way to get more marketing benefits from your business’s social media accounts.

In this section of our social media guides, our content specialists share insights on paid social media ads and the benefits of incorporating these into your digital marketing strategy.



What is paid social advertising? 


Paid social media advertising is advertisements served to users on social media platforms. With the aid of paid advertising campaigns, you can transform social media into an effective channel for generating revenue and boosting ROI. In addition, paid social media advertising can assist your brand in achieving success for various objectives, including brand awareness, audience engagement, lead generation and sales.



What are the benefits of paid social advertising?


Increased reach

Social media ads allow your business to reach a larger audience than you would with organic content.


Improved targeting

One of the most valuable features of paid social advertising is precise audience targeting. Most social platforms use data-driven algorithms to display paid content specifically to those most likely to engage with it.

With paid social ads, for example, you can choose a specialised audience based on age, behaviours, location, job titles, and interests. So essentially – any budget you invest in paid social media advertising will get your content in front of your target market.


Speed to market

As with any sponsored advertisement, you can quickly launch content for immediate viewing. As soon as your campaign goes live, individuals on your selected social networks will start seeing your adverts.


Greater content visibility

Paid social advertising allows you to show people your content at the frequency and budget you control. You can determine how many people you want to see your ads and at what cost you are willing to pay.


More website traffic

Another advantage of paid social advertising is increased traffic to your website, which can help boost conversions on your website pages. If you have a storefront, it might help draw more customers to your retail location too.


Strengthened online presence

When consumers continue to view your content on platforms where they spend their time, you increase your brand awareness and recall. 


Is paid social advertising right for my business?

You can be guaranteed that no matter what industry you’re in, if your audience is on social media, paid social advertising will benefit your business one way or the other.

However, which platform you chose to place your ads on is everything. You are wasting your dollars and time choosing platforms where your audience doesn’t spend much time. Make sure you know where your audience is, where they spend their time on social media, and their user intent. That way, you can choose a platform with the best results.

To find out which platform suits your business best, check out our other social media guides.

How will my success be measured?


The wonderful thing about paid social media is that you can track virtually every detail through social media metrics.

Paid social advertising campaigns (mainly through the meta suite) offer a lot of measurable indications that are incredibly in-depth and specific. In addition, almost every aspect of paid social media ads can be measured. So no matter your gain, you can measure it against something.

KPIs include:
Growth rate
Engagement rate
Video completion rate, and many more.


For more about the key performance indicators, click Here.

The tricky aspect of paid social advertising is that sometimes it’s hard to know what these KPIs mean and how you can utilise this valuable information to better your business and understand your audience. 

That’s why we recommend hiring a managed service to run your campaigns. 


We are here to help!


Paid social advertising takes planning, creativity and an in-depth understanding of social media. Consider a Content Cartel social media package if you need more time to focus on core operations whilst reaping Facebook’s growth benefits. Our content producers work to understand your brand’s unique needs and voice, then strategise and deliver impactful social media content. 

Contact us today to learn more about our social media services.



Mia Bisley

Content Marketing Coordinator | Content Cartel