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Blogs and Articles

Target specific search terms, attract traffic to your website and build trust with your audience through engaging, blogs and articles

Blogs and articles are your opportunity to showcase your brand and expertise. Combine your industry knowledge with SEO strategy, copywriting to convert and our ability to write well-researched, engaging content – and quickly.

Our blog writing process

We like to take a pragmatic approach to blog writing. You know your business back-to-front, we know how to write for SEO, research with a fine-tooth comb and pull it all together within the context of a brilliant content marketing strategy.

We take the legwork out of blog writing and help you to communicate what you know best – in a way that Google likes.

That leaves more time for you to do what you do best, while your website works hard for you in the background to drive web traffic and convert leads indefinitely – it’s genius, really.

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Supercharge your SEO strategy

Ever wondered how to get your website featured as the #1 featured Google snippet?

The highest ranked websites all have one thing in common – they’re driven by a solid SEO strategy, that will consist of three things: fresh content, relevant on-page keywords and links going to and from your website to others. While you might not want to constantly update your webpage copy, running a blog keeps your site fresh and helps you to rank on Google for relevant search terms.

Consistently publishing a targeted, search engine optimised blog will keep your website content fresh, increase your ranking on Google for keywords and phrases that your customers are actually searching for – and drive traffic to your website.

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Passively generate leads

Once you’ve invested in a blog or article, it’s hosted on your website and is yours to leverage forever. That means every pair of eyes that lands on your blog, is a potential customer – and there’s no shelf-life to a piece of good quality organic content.

We’re experts in elevating blogs from solely SEO content or ‘fluff’, to genuinely engaging articles that add value to your customers. Once we get your web traffic reading, we strategically write and place calls to action (CTAs) on your blog site to convert that traffic into leads.

The journey is simple: customer lands, customer likes, customer buys.

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 Build market credibility and authority

When your customer types their query into a search engine, they’re looking for answers. You’re the expert in your industry, and you’ve got those answers – your blog is the vehicle to showcase your position as an industry leader and add value to your customers with those insights.

When you post blogs that are backed with quality research (we can take care of that part!) and anecdotal evidence from your wealth of experience, your credibility is strengthened online. Positive experiences with the content you publish will build trust with your audience and position you and your brand as a thought leader.

That means the next time your customers are looking for your specific product or service, your brand will be top of mind and associated with credibility and trustworthiness – they’ll know exactly who to call.

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 Increase your inbound links

Inbound links (otherwise known as ‘backlinks’) are hyperlinks that lead from another website to yours. Every backlink is a vote of confidence or recommendation from other web users that your content is helpful, relevant and trustworthy.

Why is this so important? It’s one of the top factors Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when ranking your website. Where Google uses keywords to measure the relevancy of your site to searchers, it uses backlinks as a way to measure the quality.

These links are incredibly difficult to gain but if you want to boost your SEO performance, they’re a must-have. The Cartel are experts writing quality content for the web, that outperforms your competitors and leverages outbound links through thorough research, to organically gain those all-important backlinks.

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How to leverage your blog content

Once your blog is posted, it’s still got legs!

A mistake many companies make is writing and publishing a blog post, and leaving it there in the depths of their blog archives to die. We’re all about blogging within the context of a wider content marketing strategy – your blog isn’t just a static piece of written content. It can be repurposed and leveraged across your social channels, promoted in your email marketing, and reformatted into a lead-generating content offer.

With the right content strategy and cross-promotion, to ROI of a single blog post is limitless.

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We’ve written Google-ranked blogs for:


Keeping your website content fresh and optimised increases your rankings on Google for keywords and phrases that your customers are actually searching for.


Building a blog platform that acts as a source of inspiration and solves the industry-related pain points of your audience allows you to build a loyal, engaged community who keeps coming back to your website.


Thought leadership strategies can cement you or your business as an expert, trusted voice in your industry and a useful source of general information.

Passive Leads

Once you’ve invested in a blog or article, it’s hosted on your website and is yours to leverage forever. Potential customers might see your post a year later and still be compelled to reach out or click ‘purchase’.

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