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E-books, Guides and resources

Build your brand while generating leads with downloadable inbound marketing collateral such as guides, e-books, whitepapers and resource materials

Giving away free downloadable content might seem counterintuitive at first, but formatting your hard-earned IP into a useful content offer is the cornerstone of a content strategy that works hard in the background for you. Establish your thought leadership, build trust and generate leads by adding value to your customers with a single piece of content? That’s a no-brainer.

How do content lead magnets work?

Crafting content offers like guides, e-books or whitepapers – whichever fits best within your brand and strategy – is what we call a win-win. It’s essentially a transaction between you and your web traffic.

You add value for free while your customer is browsing your website and in the ‘consideration’ stage of their purchasing process. In return for your intellectual property, your potential customer gives you their name and email address and the opportunity to convert the lead into a paying customer.

The magic happens when your customer reads your content. Their questions are answered, your brand is positioned as the expert and loyalty and trust are built, making converting your lead into a customer a piece of cake.

We’ll create content that does your sales pitch on your behalf, and leads with your expertise.

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There’s a special place for an e-book in a content marketing strategy.


Right now, content marketing often revolves around short-form or truncated clips as social media content. An e-book is the weightier, long-form counterpart. When it comes to a complicated topic that’s still digestible to the layman reader, well-researched e-books are the perfect way to get your insights across.

E-books also have a perceived value. While blogs and social posts are great for brand building and SEO, they generally don’t hold enough ‘trust-capital’ to convince your leads to submit their details. E-books on the other hand, feel like a fair trade in exchange for contact information and permission to market.

We’ve written e-books for ____

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How-to Guides

‘How-to’ guides are the shorter counterpart to an e-book. You’re still sharing that value-adding expertise, but in a more concise way to answer a specific pain point of your customer.

How-to guides are the perfect lead magnet to attach to paid advertising or use as a call to action in your blog content. Incentivise your audience engagement by troubleshooting their common questions with detailed, well-packaged answers.

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Whitepapers and reports

Business so detailed it can’t be summarised in an e-book? Whitepapers and reports are the perfect content vehicle for those intricate, cited and referenced pieces that require a more technical deep dive to communicate.


The trick is finding a way to express the technical in a way that your target audience will consume. We’re experts in striking the balance of credible and technically accurate reporting, that your readers will make it to the end of.

We’ve worked on white papers and reports, from initial research through to data collection and copywriting, for _____

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SEO tailored resources

If your goal is to generate more web traffic and weight in SEO, while offering your customers informative resources, we’ve got the secret sauce.

Search engine optimised content offers that are integrated into your web pages give you a two-for-one in this space. Talk to us about how SEO content resources can be used as a part of your overall content strategy and built into your website, as opposed to a downloadable offer.

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Get creative with your content

Long-form lead magnets aren’t limited to 1000+ words of detailed copy. There are a bunch of ways we’ve helped brands, help their customers – generating leads without the hefty word count:

  • Interactive tools like audits
  • Online quizzes
  • Templates
  • Usable spreadsheets
  • Tips or cheat sheets
  • Brochures
  • Printable content

You bring the expertise, we’ll bring the creativity, from ideation to illustration, and make it happen.

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Lead magnets that dive deep into your expertise will position you as a true thought leader, and assure your audience that their investment in your product or service will be in safe, capable hands.

Passive leads

Once you have invested in a large resource, it’s yours to leverage forever. Potential customers might still find value in your work a year later and continue to be compelled to reach out or click ‘purchase’.


The end goal is to increase ongoing brand awareness, to place your business at the forefront of your defined audience’s mind for the next time they are in the market for your product or service.


Long-form, dense resources are the perfect way to implement a raft of the keywords and long-tail phrases that your audience is searching for, all in one hefty, useful piece of content.

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