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Convert leads into customers with targeted EDMs, and send quality content your database loves to open.

Skip the spam filter and turn your email database into a list of engaged customers. Strategic EDMs (or electronic direct mail) are measurable and effective lead-converting emails that perfectly package your offers and deliver them directly to your customer’s inbox.

Connect and convert your customer database through email

Email marketing is more than sending your latest discounts in a promotional email.

In a world of email clutter, an effective EDM will land in your recipient’s inbox at the right moment, grab their attention with an enticing subject line, and follow through with content that offers such an impressionable reader experience that your audience feels compelled to take action.

Long story short? Your email marketing database can be a main line to your customers, and a skilfully crafted EDM can be a powerful lead generator, or at least keep your business at the forefront of your audience’s minds, regardless of where they are in their buying journey.

Content Cartel crafts regular and one-off EDMs for a wide range of Kiwi businesses.

Drive revenue and encourage engagement

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, there’s a reason why email marketing is an age-old revenue generator in every content marketing strategy. A carefully written EDM will connect with your marketing database and lead your audience to engage with your business, time and time again.

We’re veterans at using best practice copywriting techniques to write EDMs that convert and spark conversations for your business. We also know how to deliver content that your audience wants to receive.

Say goodbye to the spam bin once and for all, and hello to ROI.

The key benefits of professional EDM writing:


Your EDM database is usually filled with people who have already engaged with your business. Reminding them that you still exist might be just the push they need to re-engaged!


EDM software can add your recipients’ names to each email and segment your audience into specific stages of the customer journey so that they see your messaging exactly when they would be ready to take the next step with your business.


Just like blogs and articles, thought leadership via EDM can cement you or your business as an expert, trusted voice in your industry and a useful source of general information.


EDMs can often prompt replies that act as feedback loops that provide valuable insights into the current mindsets and buying journeys of your target audience.

Personalise your messaging

The ins and outs of email marketing are our bread and butter.

Breaking down your database into marketable segments? No problem. Personalising email messaging to uniquely address each customer? Comes with the territory. Tailoring subject lines to increase open rates? Of course.

We make it our business to know your audience back to front, and craft EDM content that personally connects with your database. It helps that we’re not just an email marketing agency; we know how to use all types of content to reach the right people in your audience at the right time. EDMs are just one (albeit powerful) tool in our marketing toolbox.

Reach your engaged database

There’s a good reason that 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI.

Most email databases are made up of contacts who have already been converted to customers, site visitors who have engaged in marketing collateral, or people who are just genuinely interested in what you have to say.

No matter which way you dice it, your email database is a goldmine of contacts who want to hear from you. Each and every email address is a ‘warm’ lead, which is the superpower that enables such high conversion rates compared to other marketing mediums.

You bring the database, we’ll bring the copy to convert the customers.

Reconvert customers – again and again

What we love about EDM content is that there are so many opportunities to leverage the same database, convert and reconvert sales month on month, and increase the value of each and every contact.

We pride ourselves on bringing a creative lens to your EDM content. The difference between an email that converts and an unsubscribe can be a matter of a few words, and we use an effective content marketing strategy and years of email marketing experience to make sure we’re delivering the former.

With our team of EDM writers, you won’t be sending out any more tired email content that gets overlooked!

Is an EDM right for my customers?

There is such a thing as email fatigue. Email marketing is a weapon in the sheath of most businesses, and as consumers ourselves, we know the influx of emails that land in our inboxes daily.

What separates the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ in the world of EDMs really is copy and content strategy. That’s where the Cartel comes in – we use a number of techniques to help your EDM cut through the noise.

We’ve written successful EDM campaigns for a range of industries, so we’re confident that with the right strategy and wordsmithing, your audience will love your email content.

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